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  1. I have a few notes that I am trying to find out information about:


    1) 1860's $5 The Central Bank of Virginia

    Staunton, Viginia

    VA220G16a PMG #8002154-009


    2) 1852 $1 The Cochituate Bank

    Boston, Massachusetts

    MA130G2a PMG #8002154-007


    3) 1862 $5 The Manufacturers Bank

    Macon, Georgia

    GA200G24a PMG #8002154-008


    and a bond:


    1879 $5 Bond of the State of Georgia

    Atlanta, Georgia

    Series A PMG #8002154-006


    The third line of the notes were assigned by PMG but I can not find them anywhere in books or on the internet. I would like to know about any information about their history, about when they became obsolete, and their worth.

    The bond is a complete mystery.



    ' Bear '