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  1. I was a bit disappointed they sent it back ungraded; the only explanation is shown in the picture of the note. There is a little slip of paper that has other checked and someone wrote ineligible type for the reason. I spent a lot of money having notes crossed over and lost thousands on notes that were 66PPQ but came back 58 so the registry sets have me in the red. I'm hoping this was just a mistake but I will not be able to find out until I can travel again. I can take both notes with me and ask about it at a show.


    I've said it before, because of the history I value the VJ notes as much as another block.

  2. Hello SPH,

    The circumstances may be a little bit different but I know very,VERY well how you feel. I have to watch what I say because I believe I already have some folks at PMG POd at me for a message I sent them. I could give a few examples of disputes where I about hit the roof; it wasn't just me because others that have the qualifications as graders agreed with me. I've been told one of the graders does not handle criticism well.


    If I was not building a couple registry sets I'd have never had the issues come up. No matter which TPG you use there will be disputes; it's something we have to learn to live with because there is not a dang thing we can do about it if we want to continue collecting graded notes, and they know this.


    It's a hassel and cost you more money for grading but I'd do as was suggested above, cut the note out and send it across the street. Thinning is a new term to me, I wonder what they mean by that.

  3. I can only tell you what I have paid for the two I have; the most is $300 but to be honest I'd have paid double that simply because of the history the notes are part of. The Hawaii notes exist for one reason, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor which brought us into the war. After Japan was defeated they signed surrender papers on the Missouri anchored in Toyko Bay and these notes were there. The war the Japanese started that made a need for Hawaii notes was finally over. I can not put a price on history but it seems to me WWII affected more people than any other event. So to me they are worth a lot; millions of lives and millions of hardships, these tell that story. Something of a unique thing for currency.

  4. I have to admit that I think these are worth more than I've been paying for them. It is not numismatic value, at the moment I can not think of what the type of value is called. It's like shortsnorters with generals signatures or the president's. I sat at one auction that had a couple shortsnorters with generals signatures and was prepaired to pick up my first shortsnorter because with the generals signatures they meant something to me. I didn't bring one home because the bidding past $1,000 in seconds; but I see more value in the VJ notes. It's hard for me to say what they are worth because there are less of these than A-C block or stars. Condition does not mean as much for figuring prices either. How do you value history?


    I can not say why PMG changed their mind on encapsulating these. It may have been a mistake, maybe I got them POd at me when I wrote to them about a problem with the registry sets. I know I can send it to PCGS but I'd prefer not to even if they force me to.

  5. ZES, I have not seen the one on ebay, how much is moon money?

    Below is a couple pics of the new VJ note with the little piece of paper that gives the reason,,I guess. This one is stained on back which I presume is from the note being folded and kept in the old sailors or solders wallet for years after the war. At first I didn't like the stain but after thinking about where it came from I like even more. If I was there in Tokyo Bay that day it would have been a day to remember so I may have saved it in my wallet too. What I first viewed as a negitive I now think of as it adds more to the story.



  6. I finally took some time and looked at some of the registry sets other than my own. Here I've been working on two sets for a few years and found some pretty tough notes for the 50 or so that I need for the two sets. Having found some where only 2-4 have been graded I thought I was doing well.


    There is a link to the top sets of all sets which I clicked and holy cow, some of those sets must have over 100 notes in them; and I thought the 50 or so that I needed was a challenge. Jack A is working on a set of $5 FRNs all varieties and stars starting with series 1928 to current. If many are as hard to find as a few I've been chasing my hat is off to him and some of the other guys that made it on to the two pages of top sets.


    To look at some of these sets is humbling, I only wish they all had pictures.

  7. Ok, I understand where you're coming from. It's true that almost everyone in Hawaii (civilians and military) were supposed to have Hawaii notes; no green,blue, or yellow seal notes. If someone could have gotten a blue seal stamped it may have turned out to be one of a kind.


    The issue I'd have with it is that it doesn't tell the story of the war.It breaks up the story. Japan attacks, we make Hawaii notes, Japan surrenders and some of the notes created because of the attack are there at the time and place when Japan surrenders.