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  1. My comments:

    it seems like about 5 years ago currency collecting was hot, not so much now. I checked Heritage auctions one time and saw that the some expensive notes bought years ago are now going for less than what they originally sold for.

    One of the problems about selling is the commission that these auctions charge. you basically have to make 10-30% profit on what you bought the note for just to break even to pay them the commission. And of course there's more people getting their notes graded shows that there's more notes out there. Greater supply, lower demand. 

    PMG is not the same as NGC. NGC provides a newsletter that can tell you which coins are hot or not. Also they have better records on the prices with auctions. Even the BEP now sells there notes now through the u.s. mint.  

    But I still enjoy collecting currency much more than coins. PMG is doing a good job going international. But the same thing with coins I have no idea about world prices value I would never buy a note that isn't graded by PMG to ensure its authenticity. 

    Good luck. Keep us informed and what you are noticing in the buying and selling trends.