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  1. A few collectors have noticed that the PMG pop report has not updated in several months. They say notes that they have had graded months ago have not yet been added. Can anyone shed any light on this ?

  2. Thanks for the reply. I’m asking about plate NUMBERS (not position) used on the front and back of all US paper money. The label I posted shows Plate #G49/78. Front plate number G49 and back plate number 78. Does PMG have any plans to add this information to its holder ?

  3. I’ve heard a number of opinions so far about the latest version of the PMG holder, some in favor of the new design, some not. What is mentioned by almost everyone is, when is PMG going to start putting the plate numbers on the front of their holder ? Has this been discussed somewhere before, or is it in future plans ?

  4. There is a happy ending. I contacted a friend with considerable influence at PMG and somehow accomplished my end goal. 

    A courtesy autographed note by Cabral in a courtesy autographed holder by Cabral. It took almost a year and I couldn’t be happier.