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  1. Just one last post for today I was on ebay late last night and picked up the following item


    Its not Paper Money persay but I think its kinda cool cause its from a local town near me called Ramsey NJ. Kinda cool to see Bank Stock Certs and honestly this is the first one Ive ever seen so this is kinda cool. Also this is Ramsey NJ's 100 yr anniversary so when i get this im gonna have to run to town hall with it. And share it with them. I love how history and this collecting mixes so well. Ramsey NJ Bank Share Cert

  2. Here is what is been up since last time ive posted



    Csa 20 1864 front

    csa 20 1864


    csa 10 1864 front csa 10 1864 back


    And the big one I locked up the $10 1902 series charter number # 8777. from Denlys. Im super excited about this note and will be the highlight of my collection ( even bigger than the 10,000 gold cert. )


    $10 Westwood note ( Picture taken by Denly's of Boston).



    Enjoy the pictures I hope you guys like em. Also what do you think the Westwood would grade in at. Im thinking Fine 12

  3. Ok as if i didnt blow enough money on that $1 treasury note i added this tonight from my regular dealer. who said since i paid 25% of my tab with him in 2 weeks i could buy more and stupid here buys this . I like it cause itll go with my $5 1907 Fr91 Speelman/White.I dont know if he noticed the sig combo but i think its cool anyway. what u think.



    Came in under $100. so I cant complain at all.



  4. Heres what i got tonight in my post surgery boredom. Tell me if you like any of em.


    In no particular order


    1.) 1928 $20 Atlanta "6" note low end I got it cause it looked lonly.

    2.) 1934a $10 silver cert late finish 86. I got this cause i had an AA block one and i needed a BA block note to go with it.

    3.) 1934a mule PCGS 65PPQ. Its a nice note, i love mules, and i got sick of my dad going i want it maybe ill wait. i want it ill wait.

    4.) $100 1934B series EA lowest known .ungraded AU I saw this after i picked up the other lot which i still have to post here. but Lowest known now moving into the 100 denom.

    5.) $50 1950 note . Not a high end but yet again another Lowest known.



    Ok and for the other lot


    6.) thats the sellers photo of the J* 1934C i got and another $100 1934B series EA note. ( this is what sparked me to buy my friends.


    I hope you enjoy and comments and suggestions welcomed.


    Jay the Mule man







  5. im gonna post my new finds here too i guess. for now on ill just put them here. I did start a post about em. u can move it here or close it ill put my notes here . Heres what i got coming to me. Sorry for double posting


    I dont think I posted them here.



    Both these are now Lowest knowns one is a 1934C B* New back the other is another low note by 3 mill a Back plate late finish of 204 . there another mule im thinking about but these two hurt my wallet and is now in intensive care.





  6. Since Im new please dont be too upset that Im uploading 3 sets of notes.


    The first Is my 1934 C* lowest known Mule from page 176 of the Standard guide to US small currency.


    the second is a 1934 $20 I* Mule DGS thats a 58PPQ. I cant see why but go figure.


    the last is my baby. Net grade of only 6 but its my biggest prize of them all.