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  1. Well, any suggestions as to what to do with this note? Is it worthy of being forever encased? Is there a desirability factor? Basically, is this going to be one of those 'neat errors, but not worth a premium', or.......I guess this is where I need 'a lil help heeah' Thanx!

  2. Muleman....that was the only one like it that I got. Though, the singles I got back in the transaction were not sequentially numbered (its funny that in changing a $20 bill for a toll, I got 19 $1 bills-they hate getting $20's-that were all crisp), so, its anyones guess as to whether the whole sheet was shifted like this and made its way into circulation, got caught and had star notes replace them, etc......thanx for your input on this. I guess I should step up and NOW ask if it's something I should send in...????

  3. Hi all...mostly lurked, now participate, over in the coin forums. However, THIS came to me in a fresh stack of singles. I am a coin guy, but will be learning about that forever. THOUGH, I do know when something is not right with a coin, the 'ding' of silver, and off-center, broadstruck, etc.....THIS bill is one of those. I have NO idea about this, if its common as all get out, just spend it, oops-got something clue. To the best of my knowledge, this note is crisp unc (though, again, not a currency guy, but have other graded notes for comparison sakes). So, without any more nonsense, I present this to you currency guys (my coin photography stinks, so, this is the best I could do for this bill). Thanx in advance!!! (What seems like hours later from originally posting).......Ok, my images would have been WAY big for the thread, so here are links to photobucket for them, and I will include one where everything is just off center, and I apologize for this one being so huge.....thanx again and sorry about the lack of image knowledge!


    Edited to add...margins/borders/edges (?) all around the bill are not uniform, straight, not uniform...front bottom is almost non existent...leads me to think its just not trimmed (post BEP damage), but was cut this way from the sheet at the BEP...if other images are needed for more clarification, I can do my best. Thanx!







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    Image Four