Where have all the (Ukrainian banknotes) gone.?

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Fenntucky Mike


Where'd they go? Oooh I know, in Bonezdog registry set! JK xD

But seriously this is a good problem to have. I keep an eye on the population reports and Ukrainian banknotes have been making big strides. While the pace has slowed in recent weeks I fully expect a large increase in the near future, an expectation such as that wouldn't exist without multiple collectors out there acquiring these graded notes, it's a simple matter of supply and demand. With out the demand it would be just me sending in only the notes I needed or deemed worthy for grading and greedily hiding them away in my collection/s. Having multiple dedicated collectors looking for notes really helps to shake them loose from collections and sellers. Not just common notes but also higher quality notes and harder to find notes. In the last month I've watched two P #50's go up for auction, a note that is not often seen, multiple specimens became available along with unissued notes and quite a few of the early Pick #'s have started popping up. All good things. As far as my roll in this I hope to convince PMG to add some short sets to the Ukrainian registry, right now they only have two short sets along with two large sets comprising over 100 notes. A 100+ note set is a daunting task to take on, and typically contains a few unattainable notes for the average collector. I feel if a few short sets could be added (specifically for the modern Hryven issues) that would draw in even more collectors. Hopefully, if more collectors gravitate towards Ukrainian banknotes even more great notes will become available, I have a feeling they will. So Bonezdog, Perfect-70 and all you other Ukrainian banknote collectors out there, bring it on! I love seeing new collectors and especially passionate ones and you can bet your last dollar that I will be there when the last Ukrainian note is gone.:wishluck:

Here's some of my latest additions, I got a really good offer/deal from one of the sellers of some of these. An offer I couldn't refuse. I'm sure glad nobody else seems to be going after the earlier notes or specimens, more for me. :devil:






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+5 = 2,442

5 Hryven +1

20 Hryven +1

50 Shahiv +1

30 Shahiv +1

40 Shahiv +1

The Shahiv issues have been getting some well deserved love the last few weeks.


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+21 = 2,471

5 Hryven +1

20 Hryven +2

50 Hryven + 1

100 Hryven +1

500 Hryven + 15

10 Karbovantiv +1

There are a lot of 500 Hryven being graded in the last few weeks, 28 on 9/21 and another 15 today.?

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-10 = 2,461 WTF! :whatthe:

2 Hryven +1

10 Hryven +2

20 Hryven +1

100 Hryven -28

200 Hryven +1

500 Hryven +2

1000 Hryven +2

2000 Hryven +2

50 Karbovantsiv -1

100 Karbovantsiv +3

1000 Karbovantsiv +2

5000 Karbovantsiv +1

20000 Karbovantsiv +2

Major correction today in the Pop Report, with 100 Hryven loosing 28 notes and 50 Karbovantsiv dropping 1 note. Corrections happen to the pop reports, with the last being on 6/22/2021 for Ukrainian notes, but this is the largest I've seen since tracking. I've been tracking the Ukrainian Pop Report since May 11, 2021 and the 28 notes removed from the 100 Hryven is more than the additions since May (23). The 100 Hryven Pop in May 130, today 128. Could just be a key stroke error and the numbers could flip next week, we'll see. 

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