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An Impossible Set?

One of the goals for my collection is to put a Set together made up of a note from the Revolutionary Period for each State in Mexico - a total of 30 notes. I think this is achievable, and is proving a great way to learn about the region, and the Set is ticking along nicely. Some States had multiple Banks, for example Yucatan had El Banco Mercantil de Yucatan, El Banco Yucatecco, then El Banco Pennisular Mexicano plus a range of later private, military, state and municipal issues so there is plen

Real or counterfeit - who decides?

My first graded banknote was a 'dos caritos' issued during the Mexican Revolution in Chihuahua and I promised myself that I would not attempt acquiring all the combinations of control letters, dates etc as there are more than a 1000 known. As there is always an exception to every rule I had decided that if some of the interesting varieties appeared cheaply then I would snap them up and this note ticks that box. It is still a 20 pesos note (S537b, M926f) with black scalloped


ColonialCoinsUK in Mexico

First PMG Set

https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/mysets_listing.aspx?PeopleSetID=34594 This year has seen a couple of milestones in my collection, the first dealing with coins and the second banknotes. After more than a decade, I finally managed to complete my NGC Registry Set consisting of the main types of Napoleonic Francs and, much to my surprise, I have also managed to complete my first PMG set, this was much quicker but then it was 5 notes rather than 30 coins! The Se


ColonialCoinsUK in Mexico

Not something you see everyday

Here in the UK there seems to have been a shortage of £5, £10 and £20 notes from cash machines lately - no idea why? The outcome of this was that I received a £50 note instead! Although some people may be familiar with these they are not something that is in everyday use here at all. I have only had about half a dozen £50 notes in my entire life and that was many years ago when I lived in London. This is one of the new polymer notes which were introduced in 2021 and even has the first

First note from Argentina

Not only is this another country from Latin America to add to the collection but it attracted me for a couple of reasons. First the cancellation holes are square - I thought that was a bit different as most seem to be round.   In my collection I have a Guatemalan 1 peso with Cybele riding a chariot being pulled by two lions whereas this time she seems to have gained a passenger in Mercury, which is no doubt why it now takes four lions to do the hard work! It is no surprise to

Mexico State No. 4

The quest towards a note from each of the Mexican States continues and I am now able to add Guerrero as State No.4, the list so far:- 1   Chihuahua 2   Tamaulipas 3   Veracruz 4   Guerrero Guerrero is in the southwest of Mexico and is named after Vicente Guerrero Saldana (the chap on the front) who, having joined the Mexican revolutionary forces in 1810, progressed to the rank of General with control of the southern forces. As a result he played a key role in Mexico gaining

Slippery slope

When I started collecting coins I was drawn to the discovery of new varieties as I found this fascinating, more so as it turned out that the standard reference books for world issues don't usually contain much, if any, information concerning such details. It transpires that the situation is much the same for medals. So, having recently added banknotes to my collection it rapidly became apparent that 'paper' was no different and records concerning Series, control letters, dates, signatures e

It must have been fate

As I am now adding banknotes to my collection my first Journal entry over here at PMG detailed a 1915 Mexican 'dos caritas' 10 pesos from Chihuahua . During a recent clear-out I came across some things from ~40 years ago which was when the interest in all things numismatic started. Among the British colonial coins (all common and low grade ) I was surprised to find I had kept a reproduction of a Mexican Revolution 10 pesos banknote from Chihuahua. I guess that means I have been interes

A pile of tatty notes

Although these notes are from another Mexican state  - Durango - I am not counting them towards my State set as I do have a specimen note which will fill that slot. So why did I buy these well-circulated notes when 'quality' is a key element in any collection? A major goal in my coin collecting has always been the search for die varieties and it appears I have now suffered the same fate with banknotes. The seller's picture just highlighted a pile of tatty banknotes however the code let

What's a Quetzal?

Another thing drawing me to central/south America, and beyond Mexico, is a long-standing interest in the ancient cultures of the region - the Maya, the Inca, the Aztec and the Olmec's and so on. If I won the Lottery then my travel plans would be to visit these sites, unlike friends and colleagues who seem to prefer major cities and pristine beaches. As a result I could not resist this half-quetzal note from Guatemala depicting the Temple of the Jaguar at Tikal on the back and Tecun Uman, on

This time it is Veracruz

Like coins I seem incapable of just accumulating random notes and need to 'organize' them into some form of set. The diversity of Mexican currency during this period means there is great potential for numerous sets, however one obvious set that I have been considering is one note, any note, from each of the 30 states. The dos caritas 10 pesos note from my first PMG Journal was issued in Chihuahua so that became State No1 - it appears I have quite a few notes from this large northern state w


ColonialCoinsUK in Mexico

When is a dog not a dog?

My first Mexican Banco note is a specimen* Tamaulipas 20 Pesos from 1902-1914 (S431s, M522s). As I have now discovered the state of Tamaulipas is on the east coast, bordering Texas and therefore facing the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Tampico is located in the south east corner of the state and is not only a major port but the largest city, and also where the first branch of the bank was established by the Governor and a group of local business men and as such the back of all the notes in this


ColonialCoinsUK in Mexico

It's made of paper!

Well here I am over at the PMG Journals with my first banknote - a 'dos caritas' 10 pesos from the Mexico Revolution 1910-1920. As my main collection evolved into Napoleonic coins you may ask 'where the *>?^ did that come from?' As Napoleon conquered most of Europe my collection of French coins started to also encompass those issued in Italy, Westphalia, Holland and Spain as family members took charge of these territories. The impact of the ever changing European map was felt globally, mo


ColonialCoinsUK in Mexico