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When scanning through the on-line currency auctions I always look at the "Misc Lots" to see if there are any odd ball or interesting items, this one interested me. I think now I need a small size national on this bank to go along with it.

The following was the auction description of the lot:

This professionally made and attractive "money pad" contains 20 consecutive examples of $1 1957B Silvers glued together along the top edge into a checkbook like pad and slipped into a checkbook holder with the bank's name. After the first two notes, the examples are interleaved with tissue paper guards. "Special Czech Account" is a play on words for this bank that was located in a Czech neighborhood. We have auctioned three other "money pads" with varying amounts of notes on this bank with the last crossing our auction block in August, 2015. Overall, the piece in this lot is one of the nicest examples of this collecting niche that we have offered.

Czech Account.jpg

Czech Account1.jpg

Czech Account2.jpg

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