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I said you talk (type) too much. Homeboy you never SHUT UP!

I've been toying with some of the note descriptions for my Ukrainian registry sets and I'm having trouble staying under the 5,000 word limit. My friends and family would be somewhat surprised by this revelation, as they often have difficulty extracting a coherent sentence out of me at times. I tend to be more of an observer/listener rather than an active participant in conversations, pouncing in with wise cracking comments and/or definitive statements, after which (if my commentary had the desir

I feel I'm going to win (Oh S***! I'm going to win!)

Last night was a busy time for Ukrainian banknote auctions, there were eleven ending within roughly a hour of each other, from one seller. There were three lots I was focusing on in particular and the other 7 were lower on the wish list. I wasn't going to be online as the auctions were ending so I placed heavier then normal bids on the three I was really hoping to win and low ball bids on the rest of the lots. In addition to the Ukrainian notes there were also two Zimbabwe notes from the latest

Big Money Make Mistakes?

For me, part of the fun of collecting world notes is trying to find information, sorting though it and then trying to put the pieces together.... Like most collectors (if you don't have this you should think about getting a copy) I have and use the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money (Modern Issues 1961 - Present), I'm currently working off of the 25th edition. The SCWPM assigns Pick #'s, is THE book for PMG (their go to for modern world notes) and where PMG gest a lot of the information

Big (Dirty) Money Goes Around The World

I was reading through the National Bank of Ukraine's press releases and came across their response on "Preventing the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 during cash transactions" dated Mar, 18 2020, link here. https://bank.gov.ua/en/news/all/pro-profilaktiku-poshirennya-koronavirusnoyi-infektsiyi-covid-19-pid-chas-operatsiy-iz-gotivkoyu  On a side note, the NBU actually has a decent website with English translations and good info on all banknotes and coins produced by the Banknote Printing

All we (I) need is just a little patience

Skip to the last paragraph if you want the short version. In a previous entry I had mentioned passing on P125 to go after several other notes that I had open slots for in my sets. A few days after that journal entry an auction pops up with 5 Ukrainian specimen banknotes in it, ok, now we're talking. Now I'm feeling even better about my choice to pass on the P125, a few specimen notes would look great in my collection. The auction was for seven days and would end end around 3:30 in the after

50 percent of it's 50 Cent, the other 50 (is in my registry set).

Well, I finally hit the 50% completion mark in my Ukraine Complete 1917-Date, P1-Date set and here's the note that did it the humble P#81a. Ahhh, always feels good to hit a milestone along the way in your collecting journey. I acquired my first Ukrainian banknote back in 2017, my first TPG note in 2018 (I can't even remember which ones they were now), started my registry set here in 2019 and hit 50% completion this week. It's been a great experience so far, I've learned more about bank

"Choices always were a problem for you." (me).

I've been putting together a group of notes for submission to PMG over the last month/s and I thought it might be interesting to get a few opinions on a couple of notes I have multiples of. The first group I have whittled down to six, these are notes that I'm torn over, notes that for the most part I consider equal using my minimal grading abilities. I know a person can't tell the condition of a note based solely on an image, I'm just looking for opinions on the things you can maybe judge like m