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No, Not Another Souvenir!

On January 17th the National Bank of Ukraine issued the final banknotes commemorating the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence. Two commemorative sets were released containing all six denominations with matching serial numbers. The first set comes in a NBU envelope, the notes loose, with an issue limit of 3,000 sets and serial numbers ranging from ЯА0007000 - ЯА0009999. The second is in the form of a hardcover booklet, again, containing one commemorative note of each denomination with matc

I Just Want To Celebrate! (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my last journal entry there were two new circulating notes issued by the NBU, the 20 & 200 UAH notes, but the big news is that the next two commemoratives were released in tandem with the circulation issues. The 20 & 200 UAH commemoratives! Duh. This makes sense I guess, to release the same commemorative denominations with the regular circulating notes, I would assume that all were ran at the same time and the commemorative overprint added to the commemoratives after t

I Just Want To Celebrate! (Part 1)

While an independent Ukraine has fully embraced commemorative coins from the beginning, with the first commemoratives dated 1995 shortly after the Banknote Printing and Minting Works was fully operational in late 1994, banknotes have not seen the same type of attention. Thank goodness! I currently count six commemorative, souvenir and presentation notes having been issued/released since the BPMW fired up their presses to produce the 50,000 Karbovantsiv notes in 1994. Six commemorative notes in 2